Monday, December 26, 2011

2,610 US Courses played!

Recently, I had the opportunity to play the Black Diamond Ranch Quarry course in Lecanto, Fl. My host was 72 year young, Terry Inslee. Terry started playing golf in his late teens and has been on a playing binge ever since, that now has him up to 2,610 courses played in the United States. He tells me that he doesn't know of anyone who has played that many, and doing a bit of research I could not find any claims by anyone who has. I asked him what the most courses he has heard anyone else have played, and Terry said he knows of a 47 year old who is about 1000 courses behind him and thinks he has a good chance of eventually catching him. But at one time we all thought Tiger would pass Jack in Majors victories. So for the foreseeable future Terry will be King of the US Courses. It was a pleasure playing with Terry who has just about as many one-liners as courses he has played. On one of my shots that I took a bit too much turf on, he stated that "he could hear Chinese voices coming out of the ground."

My quest of 1000 seems pretty small compared to what Terry will eventually play. In perspective if he doesn't play another new course and I continue at my current pace I would be over 100 years old before I hit 2600. If I played a new course a day it would take me over 6 years. The most I have ever played in a short period, was 22 different courses over 18 days on my Ireland trip this Spring.

Doing my research I did come across the most rounds played in one year. In 2010, a 64 year old golfer in Texas played 600 rounds to set the record. Already in 2011, a 41 year old in Georgia has played 612 rounds in only 197 days through November. That is averaging over 3 rounds per day! He expects to make it to 1000 by the time 366 days (leap year) are up. He stated that he quit his job and his wife is completely supportive in his quest. So the next time any of your spouses complain about you being at the golf course too much, have them google Jimmy Daniel.

1/22/15 UPDATE- I ran into Terry at this years PGA Show in Orlando. In the Fall he had returned from an 80 day, 105 course tour of the NW. He is now up to 2,850 with another big trip planned for this year in the NE. Coincidentally, a couple of years ago I was paired at Erin Hills with his ultimate pursuer. Small world.