Friday, December 27, 2013

New Mizuno MP-4 irons from HotStix

Eight years ago, while I was wintering in Arizona for several months, I was custom fit at HotStix for my original set of Mizuno's. I loved the fit, feel, and feedback of those forged MP-60's. But over a thousand rounds of golf and who knows how many buckets of balls I had worn the grooves down and it was time to make them my back up set.

This past Spring I returned to AZ for a few days and Chris Ferguson and I went through a new 3 hour fitting session. After going through several checks, Chris made some changes in loft and lie and re bent my old irons to the new specs. I went back to Florida and played with them for a few weeks and they worked well.

In 2006, I had time to take four different brands of irons with me and try them out for a couple of weeks. This time I didn't have that luxury as I was flying right back to Florida. We initially decided on a different set of cast irons which I just couldn't get comfortable with. I eventually shipped them back and we decided on the grain flow forged Mizuno MP-4's. These new muscle backs give me a pure feel and feedback like no other iron I have ever played. When you hit these irons, you can close your eyes and know exactly where the ball is going to end up. Plus they are the most beautiful irons I have laid my eyes on.

For the little it costs to get a great custom fitting at the Phoenix HotStix, I would really recommend you give Chris Ferguson a call and set up an appointment. It will be the best money you have ever spent. Your odds of buying clubs off the rack and hoping they all are fit properly are about the same as you winning the Lotto.