Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blog's New Look!!

Hopefully, you have noticed a fresh look to my blog. With the help of 906 Tech it is now almost into the 21st century. New features are Favorite Photo's Slideshow that will run whenever you log into to the site or click on one of the Icons across the top. In the near future there will be about 100 of my best pictures in the slideshow.

Almost all of the information that used to run along the left side of the blog is now located across the top of the blog. Just click on an icon and the list will appear and you can go from there. The new True Links icon will eventually contain all the Links Courses I have photographed. Which courses qualify as links? Those 246 that appear in George Pepper's great book-TRUE LINKS.

Still in the works is an interactive Google Map that will allow you to view all the courses and color coded ratings of those courses I have played. Click on a course in the area you are interested playing and pertinent information should appear.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Old Course Photo's

All of the 2013 Scotland trip photo's have now been posted and I have saved the Old Course photo's to the end. Hope you have enjoyed the viewing.