Wednesday, October 3, 2012

90 days suspension from club

 A golfer claims in court that a country club wrongfully suspended his membership for jokingly referring to a fellow golfer as a "dickhead." Robert Yick Jr., sued the Richmond Country Club, general manager MacDonald Niven, president Stuart Offer and the club's board of directors in Contra Costa Superior Court.Yick says he regularly golfs with a group dubbed the "Dick Brothers Traveling Golf Club."
"The members of the aforesaid Traveling Golf Club refer to themselves as 'Dickheads' and other such names reflecting upon the ability, or lack thereof, of said members' proficiency on the golf course," his lawsuit states. Niven was allegedly stalking the group in the pro shop on July 4 when he overheard Yick calling a fellow golfer a "dickhead" in jest.
Niven, who had been targeting Yick for complaining about his inappropriate management style, reported the incident and recommended that Yick be "reprimanded, fined, and/or suspended or expelled" from the country club, according to the lawsuit. Yick says Niven claimed that the nickname was "unacceptable" and violated the country club's policy against "foul or abusive language."
He says the board voted to suspend his membership for 90 days for simply exercising his right to free speech.