Sunday, December 30, 2018

Welcome to my Golf Course Photo Tours

Thank you for taking the time to check out my golf course blog. The main focus of this blog is for you to preview golf courses I have photographed since 2006.  I don't think you will find another website with more photographs of golf courses than this one. You will notice that initially I was snapping only a couple photos of a few holes at each course. It has now evolved into more than 125 pictures starting out with the club house facilities, historical photo's, and practice area. Next, I try to obtain a yardage guide and start out each hole with a photo of it followed by several shots of the hole from various angles. By clicking the SLIDESHOWS icon above and then clicking on a particular golf course you will hopefully get a nice feel for individual courses. The average slide show will last about 6 minutes, so there are many hours of viewing available if you have the time.

I sometimes select one or more of the top holes from the courses and will highlight them on the FAVORITE/ FEATURED icon above. As of the end May 2018, I have entered 423 courses (foreign courses will be followed by asterisks*) and over 66,500 photos taken since I bought that first digital camera in 2006.  I am currently on my 5th camera and am using a Sony DSC-RX100M3, 20 Megapixels, with Carl Zeiss lens.

Any new courses I photograph I will post ASAP. Check back often for new posts, recent courses photographed, and the bi-monthly Golf Quote/Jokes. If you look under the CHRONOLOGICAL icon above you will see when I first played a course and how I rated it in my six color system (red=poor to black=excellent). Under the STATE/REGION, I have ranked the courses from the best on down in each area. Hopefully, if you are undecided about a course to play this will give you a better idea about the quality of that particular course.

The SCORECARD icon will explain how the color coded rating system works and a numerical breakdown. TRUE LINKS will take you to all the True Links Golf Courses, as determined by George Pepper's book, I have played in the world. I hope you enjoy the photo tours and my progress towards 1000 courses played.

The ACTIVE SLIDESHOW running above are some of the better photos of courses I have played the past few years.

You can also follow Inpursuitof1000golfer on INSTAGRAM and  TWITTER @inpursuitof1000 Check Twitter to see which new course I have just played, when new articles are posted, and for recent course photos. I always look forward to and enjoy playing with the local members. Tweet me if you see I am in your area.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


I peek into your pale-blue windows
See you wondering around inside
I say your name, I want to shout
"It's me your daughter, come on out!"

When I was two and at the fair
You threw me "way up to the sky"
Then caught me in your loving arms
You laughed until you cried

It must be very lonely
When cherished memories fade
Everyone you loved seems gone
You're the only one who stayed

I gaze into your pale-blue eyes
One memory I can still see
You threw me "way up to the sky"
And you said my name to me

Libby Moore

Friday, August 24, 2018

Senior Sex Survey

The frequency of sexual activity of senior males between 60 and 80 years of age depends on where they were born. Statistics were just released from the United Nations Board of Health.

They revealed that: North American men will on average have sex two to three times per week, whereas Japanese men in exactly the same age group will have sex only once or twice per year.

This has come as very upsetting news to most of my buddies at the golf club, as none of us had any idea that we were JAPANESE!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Do old golf balls lose performance?

I just read an interesting article on Flog about performance of new vs old golf balls. New Pro V1's were compared to three levels of wear of older ProV1 balls, which had been bought from an online retailer. More than likely some/most of the old balls had come out of the water.

They tested wedge and driver shots for spin, launch, carry and total distance. The results of the wedge shots surprisingly didn't show much difference except that the more beat up the balls are, the more spin they produced. The worst conditioned balls spun only 90 rpm's more. Launch was 0.4 degree higher for new balls. Driver tests showed a slight progression of spin and decrease in launch for the older balls. 215 more spin and 1.1 degree less launch. Carry and total distance were almost identical in all categories. Maybe extra spin compensated for the loss of launch.

Personally, I don't notice much difference in old balls vs new balls or New Pro V1x vs Top Flight Yellow Gamers. The last big Senior event I played in, I was the only player of the 180 golfers playing a Topflight. I finished 12th and I out drove everyone I was paired with by at least 20 yds!

So don't be so quick to replace that gnarly looking ball, it will perform just as good as a new one. Last year I played 16 straight rounds with the same Gamer until I hit it fat into a pond. It was looking pretty bad by the time I buried it at sea but still flying like a newer one.

Monday, May 14, 2018

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."- Confucius

I would change the above quote to "PRACTICE and I understand." I find that most people when they get the golf bug all they want to DO is play. And most of them play very poorly and get frustrated. What I suggest they should be doing is going to the short game practice area and learning how to putt, chip, and pitch from all kinds of lies. Only about 25-30% of their practice time should be spent on the driving range working on their long game, the rest from 100 yds in. If you practice more hours then you play you will become a better player much faster.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Golf is Happiness

"Golf is happiness for

Happiness is achievement.

The father of achievement is motivation

The mother is encouragement.

The fine golf swing is truly achievement

Man may lie, cheat, and steal for gain.

But, these will never gain the golf swing

To gain the golf swing man must work.

Yet it is work without toil

It is exercise without the boredom.

It is intoxication without the hangover

It is stimulation without the pills.

It is failure yet its successes shine even more brightly

It is frustration yet it nourishes patience.

It irritates yet its soothing is far greater

It is futility yet it nurtures hope.

It is defeating yet it generates courage

It is humbling yet it ennobles the human spirit.

It is dignity yet it rejects arrogance

Its price is high yet its rewards are richer

Some say it's a boy's pastime yet it builds men

It is a buffer for the stresses of today's living.

It cleanses the mind and rejuvenates the body

It is these things and many more.

For those of us who know it and love it

Golf is truly happiness."

-- Paul Bertholy