Friday, August 30, 2019


   It is true that they are not, as a rule, the least to blame for the delay; so much we grudgingly admit, but it does not make their little ways are less irritating. They waggle for hours; they stroll rather than walk; they dive into their monstrous bags in search of the right club and then it is the wrong number, but they are not sorry that we have been troubled; their putting is a kind of funeral ping-pong. We could forgive them all these tricks, from which we ourselves are conspicuously free, if it were not for the absurd punctilio with which they observe the rules. They will insist on waiting for the people in front of them when it must be palpable even to their intellects that their best shot they ever hit in their lives would be fifty yards short-- The People in Front, "Playing the Like," 1934

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Closing in on 50 States Played

The first of my three main personal golf pursuits is coming close to fruition- playing in all 50 states. I am just putting the finishing touches on a trip out west, in mid-September, that will take me to my 48th (SD) and 49th (Nebraska) states. I have some really impressive courses lined up but was unable to get on at Sand Hills due to the lack of caddies. Unaccompanied guests can't play without one there, so I am out of luck. The highlight will be meeting back up at Ballyneal with an old friend who I met at Royal Portrush in 2011. Any guesses what might be the last state left on my list? Hoping to finish off this quest on my next birthday.

West Bend CC- West Bend
Prairie Greens GC- Sioux Falls
The Prairie Club, Dunes and Horse Course (10)- Valentine
Dismal River, Red and White Courses- Mullen
Ballyneal and Mulligan Course (12)- Holyoke
Field of Dreams movie site- Dyersville