Saturday, August 7, 2010

Top Holes by # at Bandon Dunes Resort.

With the addition of Old Macdonald at BDGR I thought it would be interesting to see how each starting hole on down to the finishing holes compare to one another. What I realized when I sat down and started examining each set of four holes was that this is really subjective to my personal feel for each hole not the overall quality of the hole. Some of the holes I didn't pick #1 you can certainly make a strong case that they are better designed or much tougher to make a par on, but I would rather play my first picks over the others.

I will list the four holes in order from first to last using the following abbreviations: B=Bandon Dunes, T=Bandon Trails, O=Old Macdonald, P=Pacific Dunes and a short comment about my first choice.

#1- T,O,P,B. All four ease you into your round nicely but the first at the Trails with the view off the tee and hitting a hybrid into a big bowl is my choice to start my day off with.
#2-P,O,T,B. The par 4 at Pacific wins out over the par 3's.
#3-O,T,P,B. The blind shot over the Port Orford Cedar wins hands down over three fine par 5's.
#4-P,B,O,T. One of my favorite tee shots down wind is to challenge the right side and see how far you can hit it. Makes me feel like John Daly when it runs out over 300 yds. One of the few great holes at Bandon Dunes takes second.
#5-O,P,T,B. Wow, three of my favorite par threes. Flip a coin here and it comes up SHORT.
#6-O,P,T,B. Great par five beats out a great short par 4.
#7-O,P,T,B. The only hole at Old Mac that finishes on the ocean, what a view.
#8-P,T,O,B. I love the options into this green, it always plays long.
#9-P,T,B,O. Dual greens at #9 with dual tees at #10 makes Pacific a 20 hole experience.
#10-B,T,P,O. This was probably the weakest choice I had to make. Tip-#10 at Old Mac I ended up playing down #6 FW to avoid the bunkers.
#11-P,T,D,O. I love this short par 3 at Pacific. Not quite as dramatic as #17 Sawgrass but close.
#12-B,P,T,O. Tough pick here but the ocean view wins out over the other par 3's and the par 5 at Pacific.
#13-P,T,O,B. Another great hole where challenging the ocean will pay big dividends off the tee.
#14-O,P,B,T. Trails #14 is the only hole that I dislike at BDGR. A 12 will make you feel that way.
#15-T,P,O,B. What a great natural green complex.
#16-O,B,P,T. One of the most difficult holes at BDGR with many options depending on the pin placement.
#17-O,P,T,B. Par five with options off the Tee, beats out two great par 3's.
#18-P,O,T,B. The strongest finishing hole of the bunch.

If I assign four points for first to one point for last this is how it shakes out when comparing holes by their number: Pacific Dunes(9)=57, Old Mac(2)=49, Trails(5)=43, Bandon Dunes(4)=31. Numbers in parenthesis are the # rounds I have played on each course during my three trips.

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