Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ireland 2011-12 Photo Highlights

For those who don't have the time to view the over 5000 photos/34 courses, from my Ireland golf trips, I will post a condensed version to give you a quick glimpse of the beautiful Irish golf courses. Just click on the directlink below or the corresponding one on the left side of blog under Slideshows.

Part 1 (5/27-6/2/2011) Dublin to Belfast-8 courses

Part 2 (6/3-6/7) Portrush to Rosapenna-7 courses

Part 3 (6/8-6/14) Nairn to Belmullet-7 courses

Part 4 (5/9-5/16/2012) European Club to Tralee-6 courses

Part 5 (5/17-5/21) Ballybunion to Dublin-6 courses

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