Saturday, July 23, 2016

Super Stroke Golf Grips

SuperStroke - Say No To Taper

For the past year I have been playing the Super Stroke 3.0 Slim no taper putter grip and have noticed an improvement in my putting. The grip has shown no abnormal wear and I would highly recommend it to other golfers. They offer a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Recently, I became aware of the S-tech grips for my other clubs. This past week I initially replaced three of my Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips with these. The Super Stroke rubber compound is very similar to that of Golf Pride with the exception that it feels a bit softer. I will monitor and compare how they wear, feel, and maintain their tackiness over the next several weeks of play. A follow up report will be forthcoming at the end of my summer season.

Super Stroke also has a grip with an upper cord and soft rubber lower that I am hoping to obtain and test in the near future for my driver. For more detailed information about Super Stroke products go to:

11/11-UPDATE It has been almost FOUR months since my switch to the S-tech grips, eventually replacing all my Golf Pride Tour Velvets. I am still getting the excellent softer feel and tackiness. By this time with the Tour Velvet grips they had become firmer and had lost most of their sticky feel, even after routine biweekly cleaning. I HIGHLY recommend you all give these a try. My guess is that I may not be changing my grips as often with these new Super Strokes. 5 Stars

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