Friday, April 30, 2010

Crooked Cat #9- Plenty of Options

Located in Winter Garden, Fl the Crooked Cat Course was a 1997 collaboration of Phil Ritson, Dave Harmon, and Isao Aoki. Along with the Panther Lake Course, a short course, and possibly the worlds largest practice facility this is a great place to sharpen your game. The 2010 PGA Tour School finals will be held here in the Fall.

The 9th hole plays 375 yards as a dogleg left or about 300 to the front edge of the green if you want to take it over Bend Lake. My game doesn't allow me to consider going for the green so my choice was to take it 250 yards at the bamboo trees hoping to end up either right or left of them. I hit it straight as could be and the last I saw the ball it was flying half way up the middle clump of trees. I hit a provisional, this time to the right and found the far side of the fairway 108 yards from the pin. After searching and not finding my first ball, I suspected it was somewhere in the middle of the bunch of bamboos. A more conservative route would be to play an iron or hybrid towards the largest part of the fairway at the 150 stake. Short of the fairway you will find a long serpentine bunker. Surprisingly there is about a 30 yard wide strip between the lake and front bunker that you could play out of if you fall way short of your target. Bordering the fairway long are about a dozen bunkers that will catch the long drive. Long on your approach you will find another group of bunkers. My approach landed about eight feet past the hole and the missed putt left me with a double. What a great hole this would be in match play. You can play it as aggressive or conservative as you want with the several routes available to the green and either be putting or hitting a seven iron.

Other notable holes: #2, #8, #12, #13, #18.

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